Somewhere beyond the sea… somewhere waitin’ for me… my lover stands on golden sand… and watches the ships that go sailin’.

It’s been a long time since I went on vacation.

The last time I went on a true vacation was a couple years ago where I spent a week at a cottage in PEI. That trip was different, however, because I was with my own family and we drove, not flew which meant I wasn’t as limited in what I brought. Plus, we were only gone about 5 days. I’ve never had to fly anywhere on vacation for this long. So I’ve spent a good chunk of this week trying to come up with a list of what I should pack. There are the obvious: Macbook & computer cord, blow dryer, complete bathing suit collection, ipod, sunscreen & straw hat and of course my camera. But what I’m having trouble going through is the rest of my closet. What the hell does one pack for a trip to a cottage?

I recently read Pink Crush’s Cottage Survival Guide she posted a little while ago which obviously game me helpful ideas, but even still I’m having trouble deciding what to bring. I know I need bathing suit cover ups–sarongs mostly–and summer dresses just because I would much rather wear a summer dress over a jeans or shorts any day. I’ll need some outdoorsy clothing, since I have no doubt Andrew will try and take me hiking through the woods to explore. And then there is just-lounging-around-clothes, and out-on-the-boat-clothes and going-into-town-clothes. There is a whole process to getting dressed, and even though I’ll be in the middle of Ontario I still want to be me and be able to get dressed having fun.

Suddenly I’m feeling as though I should put on Sex and the City, season two, the episode where the girls go to the Hamptons in order to have packing inspiration. Because if anyone can help me figure out how to pack for my summer vacation, Carrie Bradshaw definitely can–no one does city-girl-in-the-country better than her.


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