Cause I’m leaving on a jet plane… don’t know when I’ll be back again.

By the time you read this, I will (hopefully) be sitting at Andrew’s cottage in the sunshine and heat, drink in hand, probably exhausted from a 6:30am flight. This is my last entry before my vacation, and I will be back in about two weeks with both stories and pictures.

I thought before I left I would do something fun and cute. You know me, I can never turn down a survey. Both your wishcake, Apricot Tea and Kyla Roma have done this, so I’m also jumping on the always-sometimes-never bandwagon as well.

I always…

  • have a story brewing inside my head, even if it’s just to pass the time on the bus, or never gets written down. I was the most magnificent liar storyteller when I was a kid.
  • take too many pictures in the moment, because I want to remember every second.
  • hoped I would have an epic love story at a young age, but never realized how truly lucky I would get with the boy who loves me.
  • wanted to be a writer. Always.
  • forgive too easily, even though I know (from past experience) the same thing is probably going to happen over, and over again.
  • choose Frank Sinatra, classic rock, or songs from my past over whatever is currently popular on the radio.

I sometimes…

  • dance as though no one is watching, busting a move in public places like the grocery store and it always embarrasses whoever I’m with.
  • buy clothes I’ll probably never have the opportunity to wear, just because they’re too beautiful to pass up.
  • get frustrated I don’t have the same willpower and determination for exercise I had when I was fourteen (even though I was scary obsessed with it and spent hours a day exercising that summer.)
  • get jealous of the people around me getting engaged because I’m so ready for Andrew and I to take that step. But I understand why it’s not the right time.
  • wish I had the bravery to just sign up for dance classes because I want to learn how to really dance, but I’m too scared of looking like an idiot in front of strangers.
  • miss my old, super long hair. But I am so in love with short hair lately, it’s okay. If worse comes to worse, I can always save up and buy hair extensions.

I never…

  • like to leave a store without buying something. It’s weird, but I have this fear that if I don’t people will think I’m stealing. Andrew’s slowly breaking me of this habit, but it used to be pretty bad (and expensive!)
  • thought I’d be this relaxed about getting on an airplane without Andrew standing beside me, holding my hand, telling me to breathe.
  • can turn down a shot of Jack Daniels. And it surprises people how well I can handle it, considering I’m pretty small, and two glasses of wine usually gets me beyond tipsy.
  • sleep the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night. Either I go to bed too late, or I wake up too early, or both. It’s a bad habit, and I really wish I could learn to sleep more soundly.
  • wonder “if” Andrew and I are going to make it. Our relationship, and future, is one of the only things I’ve ever been a hundred percent solid and certain about.
  • want to truly grow up. It’s probably part of the reason I’m so attracted to writing (and reading) young adult stories. Even when I do grow up, get married, have babies, I still hope I can find that youthful spark inside of myself, and keep it alive.

3 responses

  1. I would love to take dance lessons as well. I once signed up for belly dancing lessons but chickened out at the last minute. I’m so afraid of making a fool out of myself.

    But I will sign up for dance lessons again and actually go through with it next time. I need to learn to live a little.

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