We shed our clothes and felt romantic… tinted by the moon fantastic.

aka: part one of how I spent my summer vacation.

It’s been a whirlwind two weeks, but I am now officially back home, laying on my own bed as I write this. I kind of wish I had written down everything that has happened, but unfortunately I was spending more time out and about having adventures (although, unfortunately, not nearly enough adventures) so I will try and recap my entire cottage trip through the many pictures I took. So here we go… I’ll try to sum up everything nicely.

plane halifax

I woke up at four in the morning so that my Dad could drive me and Andrew’s mom to the airport for our early flight. We were leaving just before seven, and had to be there and hour early and it was an half hour to the airport. This was my first ever flight I can remember (the others being when I was a baby) and I’ve always been terrified of planes. But for some reason, the day of, I wasn’t as terrified as I thought I would be. The above picture was taken a couple minutes before we started boarding. Halifax was super foggy, rainy and gross. However, my early morning starbucks coffee made up for that fact.



Our layover was in Montreal, and although I only saw the airport, it was pretty cool. It has an apple store right there in the airport! The second plane we got on was smaller than the one from Halifax. It had propellers, and I sat by the window. Again, it was pretty darn rainy and gross in Montreal. This plane took us higher north in Quebec (Rouyn-Noranda) where we then drove another hour and a half, through more rain, to where Andrew’s family cottage was located. You have no idea how excited I was to see him. And that day they were having a celebration in honor of Andrew’s grandmother who passed away earlier this year. It was a little overwhelming, and I ended up taking a little nap since I was EXHAUSTED. I woke up just in time for veggie burgers, smirnoff ice light, and my first ever real sauna.

floating Andrew

floating around



This was one of the things I did a lot while I was down there. Floating around in the sunshine, having drinks, taking pictures, listening to music and just having fun. You know I was little nervous about spending two weeks with Andrew’s family, many of them I’d never met before. I’m shy. But there were all so open and welcoming that after a couple days, it really wasn’t scary at all. It was nice. It almost felt like–dare I say it?–I belonged. Which was beyond wonderful. Sure, I was still a little timid and shy, but then again: I was around his family. But spending hours lounging on a boat in the sunshine, you can’t hide within yourself. So I had to open up. And I had a blast doing it. (Okay, the wine and vodka coolers didn’t hurt either.)




That my friend’s is a golf course… right across the street from Andrew’s cottage. Yes, some millionaire bought a bunch of land so he could cut down trees (and destroy paths that Andrew remembers exploring as a kid). Can you believe it? Let’s destroy nature so once every couple years I can play a game of golf. Personally, I think going away to a cottage means relaxing, having fun in nature. The again, whoever heard of a three story cottage?

Now, as I was saying, whenever it was sunny we spent a good chunk of time out on the float boat, enjoying each others company.

sunglasses cool

See that bathing suit top? Cute isn’t it? Well, unfortunately shortly after this picture was taken said bathing suit top broke. Meaning the little plastic clip in the back completely snapped and I pulled a Janet Jackson on a boat full of Andrew’s family. Thank god I have tiny boobs because I was holding them. Thankfully someone grabbed my shirt for me to wear while Andrew attempted to fit my bathing suit top for me. (Those sunglasses Andrew’s wearing are also my sunglasses. But they suit him surprisingly well, don’t they?)

broken bathing suit

Who knew that broken hair elastics could be so darn handy? This was actually the second time one of those plastic clips broke on me during the trip (the other being a bathing suit borrowed from my sister) but needless to say I’ll be buying tie suits from now on.




My dragonfly friend who did not want to leave me. He was literally sitting on me for a good twenty minutes and then decided to go on his merry little way. There are so many dragonflies up there, and I find them so beautiful. The blue ones were really cool too.

That’s just the beginning of both my pictures and my stories. In the next installment I’ll tell you all about my wake boarding adventures, the best damn gluten-free pizza I’ve ever tasted, and much, much more. Suffice to say: I had an amazing vacation, and I honestly can’t wait to go back again someday. I have so many stories, and not nearly enough pictures, but I’ll try and do my best to share everything.


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