Swing your axe, and your sword so true… Black Moor is coming after you.

black moor

black moor2

Black Le Chateau sweater tunic. Jean skirt bought in New York. Belt. (All borrowed from sister). Not Pictured: Black slouchy boots. (Borrowed from my Mom.)

You know when you were a little girl it was kind of fun dressing up in other people’s clothes and pretending to be someone else? I did that a lot. Well tonight was kind of a reminder of those times. Friends of Andrew and mine (Black Moor… wooo!) were launching their first ever CD tonight, and so we decided–even though Andrew had just returned from Ontario hours before–to go out and support the guys since we’ve known them forever. These boys have been in our lives a long, long time. Let’s put it this way: the very first night I met Andrew was also the very first night I met Sylvian, who is the amazing drummer of the band (and also, he’s kind of my best friend’s boyfriend). Also the bassist, Rob, was present on my first date with Andrew, and was the only witness to our first kiss which was totally awkward for him, haha. And I’ve known Nick (guitar) for… like ever. So it all goes way back. And you have no idea how proud I am of the guys. After the car accident last year, it’s amazing to see them accomplishing so much when there were moments when it seemed like it could all come crashing down.

And they have bright, bright future’s ahead of them.

Their CD comes out August 25th (I believe) across North America, and sometime in September for England so I really, really recommend everyone check them out. I’ve never been a huge metal fan because I’m not a huge fan of screaming in music, but these guys tell amazing stories through their lyrics without screaming. They’re musicians, and the stories they tell are amazing.Hell, even my Mom is a Black Moor fan girl. And I’m totally regretting not picking her up a Black Moor tee because you know she would totally rock it just like I currently am.

And just in case you feel like reading about the band–and the album–CLICK HERE. And don’t be surprised when you start hearing the name Black Moor on everyone’s lips, because honestly that’s exactly what the future holds.


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