Fall is here… hear the yell. Back to school… ring the bell.

It may only be the tenth of August, but it’s already beginning to feel like the back to school season. I’ve always gotten excited the second I saw school supplies popping up in stores. It was never so much the going back to school–glitter tended to rub off by the first homework assignment and I was definitely never popular–but the getting ready to go back to school. By the time the first back to school flyer was stuffed into my mailbox, I already had my back to class list (of things I would undoubtedly need to make this the best-year-ever) ready. What can I say? I love the idea of making an entrance.

Which is why not going back to school this year for the first time since elementary school (excluding, of course, the year I took of between high school and University) is so strange. Even then, I knew that the next year I would be going back. This year however, I can only stare at the back-to-campus flyers and feel, already, a pang of nostaglia for a couple months ago. The truth is–unless I decide to get another degree, which is always a tempting thought (once I can afford it)–school is over for me. I’m done. Hello real world… time to grow up, find a job, get married and start popping out babies. Okay, no literally, but you know what I mean. My days of sitting in lectures and pulling all-nighters writing essays are, for all intense purposes, over.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t just look at the school supplies, right? I mean who does occasionally need a brightly colored lined notebook or a twenty-pack of neon colored gel pens? I find myself needing them constantly, personally.

And at least I can still bask in some of the campus spirit through my younger, fabulous boyfriend and his campus shanagians. Also, I will no doubt be hitting up the campus Library since I’ve always found it the best place for writing.

Okay, so maybe I’m not letting go. But my quirks just make me more endearing, right?


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