I feel pretty… Oh, so pretty… I feel pretty and witty and bright!

blue SS dress

blue ss dress2

Blue swirly Smart Set dress. Big clunky white ring (from Claires). Not pictured: White Platform Wedges.

For the most part, my going-to-work outfits have consisted of black and white with only splashes of color off and on. I think, for the most part, I’ve been trying to blend in–I’ve yet to let my personality come out. I’m new, I’m shy, so I haven’t really had the chance to let my inner fashionista flourish.

The other day, however, one of my co-workers commented on how quiet I was, and how it was time to come out of my shell. I kind of just laughed it off–“I talk.” I commented–but I thought maybe the easiest way to prove I am not just the quiet, shy girl everyone thinks I am is by letting my personality come out through my clothing. And what is easier than one of my favorite dresses and a pair of fabulous shoes. It’s time to put away my black dress pants (and peep toes) and feel a little girlie. Plus, with it being hot as heck outside (26 degrees at nine in the morning? So not used to it.) This dress will keep me cool while I’m making my way to work, and won’t make me freeze in the extreme chill of the air conditioning.

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