And you can’t explain… but the wind went and pulled me into the Hurricane.

Hurricane Juan

Hurricane Juan approaching Nova Scotia (picture taken from Wikipedia page)

On September 29th, 2003, Hurricane Juan hit Nova Scotia early in the morning. I remember that day, and the days that followed quite clearly. We lost power for two days and in those two days I had more fun than I ever thought possible: standing outside with my sister and parents in the storm, watching the winds, then watching as the eye came in, everything turning weirdly calm.  Walking around in the complete darkness at all hours. We played a game of truth of dare that lasted until we went back to school. I took too many cold showers. We had a grilled cheese making competition that I definitely won.

And I met Andrew. Twice, actually.

So to say I have a soft spot for big storms (like Hurricanes) is an understatement. I’ve always been a storm person–at eight I knew almost as much about tornadoes as meteorologists. Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but during a tornado warning years back, my parents came to their 12 year old daughter to grill her on what we should be doing to prepare in case we were hit. I like storms. I find them exciting. And while for other people, they hear the word Hurricane, they probably get scared. Worried about their houses, and cars, and own safety. Not me. I will always have positive associations with Hurricanes. Hurricane Juan hit, I met Andrew, therefore Hurricane’s awesome.

Now the reason I share the story from my past is because Hurricane Bill is being watched just in case it comes close to Nova Scotia. Right now the powers-that-be are saying it’s going to brush past us, possibly not very close at all. It all depends on the jet stream. But being the apparent crazy person I am, I kind of hope that Hurricane Bill comes close enough to Nova Scotia for even a brief wild ride. Now I don’t want anything to get damaged or people to get hurt (which, I know, is silly to ask considering I want to be hit by a Hurricane). I just love storms so much, and what is even more exciting is that the storm is supposedly going to occur when my parents will be in Northern New Brunswick. Which means not only will I be riding out the storm (regardless of how big, or small it is) with just my little sister, but it also means that I can invite the boy I met during my first real Hurricane over for a Hurricane sleepover. And sorry, but that excites me.

Now I know I’m probably building this up in my head too much, and it’ll probably pass right by without a squeak, like many Hurricanes I’ve gotten excited for in the last 6 years have done. Regardless I’ll stockpile my extra batteries and hope for a light show in the sky, pounding rain, and a remembrance of six years ago, and the first time I saw that Andrew’s face in the darkness of Colby. Sappy, maybe. But I’m a sappy person.


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