I’ve got a theory… that it’s a demon. A dancing demon… no something isn’t right there.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: season two picture taken from the chosen two gallery.

I know I’ve written here before about my obsession love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and briefly hinted at my reasons for that love. But as I rewatch seasons 1 through 7, I’m reminded again and again why Buffy is still my hero. Before I had best friends, before I had a boyfriend who loved me, I had Buffy. What I always loved about this show is the fact even though Buffy was beautiful, witty and smart she wasn’t really popular. She was quirky (vampire slayer) and she was a little awkward, but I related to her and the rest of her scoobies because I knew what it was like to not feel normal, to feel like an outsider. I may have never been a vampire slayer (although I wrote plenty of stories where I discovered my calling) but I knew that feeling and I related. And that’s why, even after all these years, Buffy still relates to me. And why no matter how old I get, coming back to this show fills me with nostalgia. And why I adore watching this show over, and over, and over again.

(just incase you haven’t figured out, this is my random Shannon-is-bracing-for-a-hurricane-post written on the off chance I currently have no power. That, and I apparently have no idea what to write, and when I have no idea what to write I write about Buffy.)

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