For the sake of making a statement… let’s make our presence known. Let’s show them what were made of… we’ll show up in our outfits we planned ahead.



Green vintage pajama shirt (thrifted from Mom). New Joe Fresh cropped pants with flower design. Peace Charm Bracelet (from work). Not pictured: black peep toe wedges.

Another day, another going-to-work-outfit. And, again with the color. This is becoming something of a pattern with me, and I like it.This shirt is one of my absolute favorites as it was thrifted from my mother and is as vintage as you can get: late seventies and oh-so-fabulous. Technically, it was a pajama shirt. Oh details. Who pays attention to those details? In fact, I think it just makes the shirt more interesting.

The pants are my new black dress pants and I’m kind of in love with the flower detail of the material. Black dress pants are just kind of boring, but I love these because of the texture. I don’t know, they just make me feel like I’m putting effort into an outfit, and that I’ve created a look even if I just pair them with your basic t-shirt. Plus they are adorable and cropped, and I don’t have cropped black pants.  The only thing I worried about was will they still work in about a month when the cold returns and summer is gone?

I’m getting very excited for fall fashion. Maybe it’s the fact that the clothes are already popping up in stores–we’re selling Halloween already!–but fall is one of my favorite seasons, clothing wise. Winter is horrible, and spring is just wet. Summer is great, but sometimes it’s just too hot. But fall? Not too warm, not too cold. Perfect layering weather, and you know how I love my layering. Oh yes, I’m very excited for fall.

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