Hi-ho hi-ho… it’s off to work we go.



Grey dress pants (I think from le chateau, but tag’s been cut out). New green Razzle Dazzle tank top (I love their clothes). Navy Blue Joe Fresh cardigan. Claire’s Peacock Feather bead earrings (feel in love with them the second I saw them).

The Christmas before last, Andrew gave me the most beautiful pair of diamond earrings (in the most romantic way possible, but that’s another story entirely) and for a couple months I was terrified to wear them. I mean diamond earrings. They’re pretty much the most expensive jewelry I own. It took some coaxing, but I put them in (for daily wear) and have been wearing them constant for almost 2 years. So when I started working at Claire’s, I wasn’t sure what to do. I wanted to wear the earrings we sell but I love my diamonds. Thankfully I have my ears pierced more than once, and  so last week I decided to move my diamonds to my second holes and have been working on rocking the merchandise. First it was oversized hoops (blame it on watching Buffy) and today I thought I would pull off these peacock feather earrings. They’re funky, and fun, and while I adore feather earrings I just don’t think I could wear actual feathers on my ears. All I can see is my babies when I look at them.

Now it’s off to work. My head is aching slightly, so I’m feeling a large coffee. It worked well yesterday, and I’m hoping it’ll work again today. Plus: espresso… delicious.


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