Ch-ch-changes… just gonna have to be a different man. Time may change me… but I can’t trace time.

Out of all the things I inherited from my mother–moodiness, sensitivity, fashion-sense, and extreme work ethic–one of the things we share the most is that we love to change up our looks often. Especially hair.

I’ve always been kind of crazy when it comes to changing my hair. What I love about hair is that nothing you ever do to it is ever permanent; it always grows. So that is definitely reason why I’ve never had any fear when it comes to changing up my look.  Bangs, hair dye, layers, chopping it all off, wearing it up. Whenever I get bored, I always seem to do something to my hair before anything else. I remember in High School, I used to drive my journalism teacher crazy because every couple weeks I would come in to class and my hair would be different.

I was really excited to cut my hair, and when I did it last summer (for the first time) I was really craving a change. It had actually been a while since I had done something new to my hair, excluding coloring it a couple months before, and a new set of bangs around the same time. But lately, lately I’ve been wanting a change in the other direction. I miss my long hair. My long, long, long mermaid hair. The thing about short hair, at least chin length hair, is that it’s higher maintenance than me. Because of my wavy hair, it takes time, patience, and a willing to wake up extra early, blow dry and straighten if you really want it to look nice. I’m more of the throw in a ponytail and go kind of girl, and always have been.

So while hair extensions are too pricey, meaning out of the question, I am going to let my hair do it’s thing and grow long again. I know that most of the people in my life will poo-poo my decision as they’ve been telling me since I cut it short they love short hair on me, and I totally love it too. But I miss my long, rockstar hippie hair. It’s just more me.

But trust me–the Shannon hair years are epic, and never ending, so I’m sure once I have my nice long hair again, I’ll eventually get bored and do something new and different. Highlights, perhaps. My hairdresser (slash good friend) has been dying to put caramel highlights on the underneath of my hair for a while now. Who knows what will come next.

Now click for your chance to see the very exciting Shannon hair years:

The High School years (circa 2003).


June 2004–My high school graduation. My hair was longer and lighter and curlier.
New Years Eve 2005 — long mermaid hair and some left over color.
May 2006–after my first year of University, chopped my hair to above my shoulders.
August 2006–felt like going even shorter.
April 2007–even though I liked short, started growing out my hair again, and opted for blunt bangs and layers for a change.
getting longer
June 2007–by the time Andrew’s prom rolled around two months later, hair was longer (and curled) and the bangs were tucked away.
October 2007–my 21st birthday. Again, hair still longer and my bangs were growing out nicely.
December 2007–my sister’s 19th birthday. My hair was getting longer and wavier.
February 2008–I decided for some longer bangs and a brand new lighter color.
July 2008–no more bangs. Hair was getting longer, full of volume and wavier.
August 2008–goodbye long hair, hello new short hair and bangs.
growing out
New Years Eve 2008–by December, my hair was getting longer, and wavier and my bangs were growing out..
March 2009–longer and straighter.
April 2009–Another new, shorter style.
July 2009–My current sassy do. Which is now beginning to grow out which always means that awkward stage. If only it always looked as great as the first day of a cute. But in all honestly, I’m seriously missing my long, long haired days. And having lots of waves and volume without looking like Shirley Temple. I know the growing out stage will be long and tedious, but it’s all in the name of beauty.

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