We’d fall asleep in each other’s arms and wake up on the floor… now looking back it was made for me and you.



Blue Joe Fresh Cardigan (again… eek!). White ribbed tank top. White ribbon corset tank. Foxy Jeans Skinny Jeans. Sparrow Necklace. Pink Bow hair clip. Muave Flower Ring. Not Pictured: White ballet flats. Navy Blue Danier Doctor bag.

I figured it was about time I did an outfit post which wasn’t work related. So here is my casual Wednesday–I wore this over to Halifax to check out Andrew’s brand new apartment, cook him my signiture meal (tofu stir fry… yum) and spend the night together for the first time in his new place. And yes, I’m wearing my favorite cardigan again. I can’t help it–this sweater is comfy, and cute, and is not too hot and not too chilly. It’s perfect for the half-fall half-summer weather we’re currently experiencing. I think I’m going to have to go back to Superstore and find myself a couple more of these sweaters so (1) I’m not wearing this sweater as often in outfit posts and (b) I can have more.

Also, check out the bow hair clip. I’ve really been digging these lately and it doesn’t hurt I can get them for 50% off at work. They’re cute, and sweet, and certainly help with keeping my hair out of my face while I try this whole growing my hair out thing. I also have really cute hair clips I can’t wait to wear which have skulls on them with bows. This whole actually putting effort into getting dressed thing is way better than not caring at all. Way better.


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