Cool in the summer… warm in the winter… I’m dressed up in love.



Charlotte Russe Dress. Joe Fresh Cardigan. Sirens fishnet stalkings (in a flowery design). Smart Set Studded belt. Black Bow hair clip. Not Pictured: Spring Chaffey shoes.

Ever since I was a little girl, I adored dressing up. My love of fashion dates back to the days of frilly party dresses, and pretending I was a princess, and preppy plaid skirts and pretending I was Nancy Drew. Now that I’m “grown up” my fashionable aspirations have grown slightly, but I still enjoy playing pretend and dressing up. Only now I called it being “inspired by”. Today’s look (for work… was there ever any doubt?) was inspired by Sex and the City: the movie. For those who haven’t seen the movie, Carrie wears a gorgeous strapless green dress and jacket combination with her Dior Extreme shoes and studded belt.

inspiredSATC3My inspiration.

This look really stuck with me after I saw the movie in theaters, and again after I watched the movie on DVD. Sometimes certain looks just stick with you. I always loved the idea of pairing a flowery dress with something hard like a studded belt, and in my case, studded shoes. So I took those ideas from Carrie’s fabulous outfit and put my own spin on the whole thing. And I really love how the outfit turned out. Mine was more of a fall outfit (with my brand new fishnets that I’ve been dying to be able to put on). And most importantly I was so freaking excited to finally be able to wear my Spring shoes as I haven’t worn them yet, excluding the night I bought them. So I figured it was about time.  Beautiful shoes deserve to be worn, and they went perfectly with the whole look. It was definitely fun, and the shoes didn’t hurt my feet, although towards the end my calves were starting to ache. Even still I finally felt excited, and pretty by getting dressed up. It’s nice, even if it’s to go to work, to be able to get all dressed up and face the world.


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