Oh, you can say that I’m the one curly fry in the box of a regular… messing with the flavor… oh the flavor that you savor.


Gluten & Dairy free (oh, and egg free too!) Lemon “Princess” cake.

My foods issues have never been a secret. I tend to talk about them a lot because, well, they’re a large part of who I am. It wasn’t until I was eighteen that I discovered that I could no longer eat gluten, and twenty when I realized that dairy was a huge problem for me, as well as large amounts of fat. It was only a short time later that I realized how badly sugar made me sick, and so I knew that I was going to have to stop eating it regularly. And it was just last year that I gave up eating poultry (which joined other meat which I gave up when I was eleven). It all happened in a short amount of time, within a couple years, but my diet is completely different from what it once was. So yes, understanding my diet gets a little complicated. And living my diet can get even more complicated.

Here’s the thing: Most of the time I am both happy and excited to eat this way. But once in a while sometimes I just feel out of place. I’m the only one in my family who eats both gluten and lactose free. I’m also the only one who doesn’t eat meat. So when it comes to eating in group situations–like family gatherings–I always end up the odd one out. The freak with her special food and special plate. Like last weekend. Not only had I made a special dip for the occasion which I wanted everyone to enjoy, but I had also made a gluten and dairy free birthday cake for our friend Donna from Toronto. First my Dad made a comment about how they’d put a tiny bit of the dip aside for me, and then Mom started going on about separating things for me. And okay, I kind of lost it slightly, and had a mental breakdown. Thankfully Andrew was there to calm me down after we went for a walk (I’m not sure WHAT I would do without him in my life–truly). But that is just an example of how overwhelming I find things sometimes. Like when it’s 10:30 at night, I’m watching a movie with Andrew, his roommate and his roommate’s girlfriend, and the three of them are munching on Ruffles All Dressed chips and all I want is the baked Salt and Vinegar chips in the cupboard. Andrew has to stop me, reminding me again and again that if I do eat them I will probably be up sick half the night.

It just sucks sometimes when I want more than anything to enjoy a bag of sour patch kids without knowing that the end result will be an epic stomachache for three days.


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  1. You know…you should go buy some ridiculous, separated plate (you know, the one’s where there areas are portioned out…like those kid plates) and bring it with you all, “THAT’S RIGHT, PEOPLE. I’M SPECIAL.”


  2. Oh baby, i feel so bad eating around you always. i still forget sometimes what you can and cant eat too, which make me feel even more horrible.
    you’re so strong to be able to stop yourself from eating bad things for your body, i obviously wouldn’t be able to do it.
    we need to get some snacks we can all enjoy while watching movies. they need to make some tastier gluten (and milk product) free snacks to fulfill cravings like chips and things. Or do they have something like that that i just dont know about yet?
    can’t wait to see you tonight <3

    • Oh don’t feel bad. I don’t want to make people feel bad. This is all me and my crazy thoughts. =) I just get frustrated at the situation sometimes. It never seems to get easier for me, which you would think it would.

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