If you could be my punk rock princess… I would be your garage band king. You could tell me why you just don’t fit in… and how you’re gonna be something.


Joe Fresh Navy Blue Cardigan. White Wal-mart T-shirt. Jean Abercrombie & Fitch skirt (Frenchy’s find!). Brand new blue plaid tights from Claire’s. Claire’s silver heart pendant necklace. Pink hair bow, also from Claire’s. Not pictured: well worn black slouchy knee high boots. Well worn brown leather jacket thrifted from sister.


excited about: these blue plaid tights from work. a lazy night watching trueblood with Andrew, Yuki and Alicia. gluten-free, vegetarian soy sausage for supper.
worried about: turning twenty-three in exactly one month.
reading: “The Fortunes of Indigo Skye”.
creating: a story about learning to live and love, even when the worst has already happened.
loving: these tights. (sorry! I’m obsessed!)
hating: how gray and dreary it is outside.
wondering: why I am so hungry today. And what else I can eat in Andrew’s apartment.
craving: green apples and the organic peanut butter in Andrew’s fridge.
listening to: Something Corporate.
watching: The Trueblood finale tonight!


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