I saw the stars fall from the sky and watched the tail lights fade away as the sun began to witness a new day.

It’s been a while since I last updated–a week to be exact. I just haven’t had much to say. Life has pretty much been: sleep, eat, work, eat, sleep, eat, work, see Andrew… and so on. You get the idea. It’s pretty much the reason I’m writing this at 7am. Life has been repetitive. Outfits have been repetitive and very gray in scale. It just seems easier to throw on my gray dress pants and a black sweater and get going. I’m hoping my zest to dress up returns. I need some form of excitement in my life. A burst of color.

Anyways, here’s what has been happening lately:

  • I work 65 hours over the course of the next two weeks. Everyone keeps asking me to cover their shifts, and since I want a couple days off in October I’m saying yes. It’s a little tiring though, and I’m feeling slightly burned out. I’m just really not used to it, and probably not eating as much as I should be. I never have time to eat!
  • Speaking of food, I had my first gluten attack in a year last Wednesday. Still not 100% sure what made me sick, although I think we’ve narrowed it down to cross-contaminated peanut butter. What made it worse was that I had to work during the attack–that was fun. But with the help of an entire box of Glutino original gluten-free crackers, I survived. And I’m finally beginning to feel better, stomach wise. Although with working I’m eating later that I’m used too and usually if I eat after 9-10pm (no matter how healthy) I end up with a bellyache in the morning.
  • I got my ears, pierced, again on Sunday. Okay, well I got one done. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I work at a place where I do it almost every day, I decided why not. Early birthday present to myself. But yes, there was drama involving a malfunction with the earring cartridge, and my ear. But I’ll be getting the second ear done tomorrow by my co-worker when I go in so all is well that ends well. Right?
  • My birthday is less than a month away. On Friday, Alicia and I went shopping for birthday dresses and tiaras. Because our birthdays are close together (mine is the 15th, hers the 18th) we’re having a joint celebration downtown on the 17th. Now anyone who has read this blog knows my birthday is not one of my favorite things. But with my birthday dress (which, makes me feel like a grown up, but I digress) and a birthday tiara I’m going to think about this dress in a positive light.

And that’s pretty much it. Sleep. Eat. Work. Eat. Sleep. See Andrew. Repeat. Hopefully I can fit in more writing time, but unfortunately it seems to be happening less, and less. There needs to be more hours in the day.


2 responses

  1. I’m going to get you to pierce my ear! U hope you happen to be working the next time I’m on the other side of the bridge. I think I know what I’m getting you for your birthday (: I’m so excited to get dressed up with you! (I’m assuming we are getting ready together the day of our party)

    • Well I work A LOT the next 2 weeks (65 hours!) so if you stop to visit me I totally will. I got mine done again. =) And hopefully we can get ready together. Not sure what I’m working day off, but I’m hoping if I do work I get off around 5ish. Considering I’m covering for everyone this week and next week I’m hoping it will work out. I do have the 18th off though.

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