You’re trying to remember why you cut all your hair… were you trying to be someone you weren’t? You don’t hang around the old haunts anymore… no. All the of those bridges are burned.




Pink Siren’s sweater dress. Black Ricki’s high-waisted skirt. Claire’s silver heart pendant. Ann Taylor black textured tights (which I bought for Halloween last year). Pink Claire’s hair bow. Faux hair from Icing.

Another work outfit.

Lately I’ve really been missing my long hair. You see, for most people short hair is uncomplicated, and easy to deal with. Great for on-the-go types. But me: having shorter hair is the most high maintenance, complicated endeavor in the whole world. It might have something to do with my fine, very wavy hair. So I’ve been working on growing out my hair back to it’s pre-cut, longer days. I’ve been seriously looking into extensions in the meantime but right now my hair is still a little too short for them to look right. But while working at Icing last week I noticed these hair pieces on the back wall. I held them up to my own hair and bingo: it matched perfectly. There is no difference in the color. They were also on sale, so naturally I bought two. I don’t know, with it in I just feel more like myself. I know everyone tells me I look better with shorter hair, but in truth when I look at the above picture that girl is who I am more so than other pictures.

And it’s fun to feel like myself again, at least until I unpin the hair at night.


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