We can twist and shout… do the turtle dove. And you’re the one I love… you’re the one I love… the one I love.



Purple Suzy Shier sweater dress. Black layered tights. My favorite Icing sparrow necklace. Gucci bangle watch. Pink elastic breast cancer awareness bracelet from Payless. Icing faux hair. Not Pictured: pointed black suede boots thrifted from coworker.

I love the sweater dress, have you noticed? Especially on chilly October morning’s when I have to leave for work at 8:15 in the morning. Things I also love: long hair; my sparrow necklace; getting off work while the sun is still up; Andrew (obviously); tofu salad; being able to see the floor of my bedroom finally; Friday being payday; having Thursday, Friday AND Saturday off.


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