What we do is innocent… just for fun and nothing meant. If you don’t like the company… let’s just do it you and me.

The other night, I decided to go out for a girls night with Andrew’s roommate’s girlfriend Alicia. Now I don’t go downtown often, and most of the time when I go it is either with Andrew, or with a big group of friends. So it being just the two of us was an interesting adventure. Showing up at Andrew’s apartment, I finished getting ready, and then Alicia and I left early mostly because my bus transfer was about to expire. We grabbed a quick cocktail at another bar, mostly because it seemed a bit early to show up, and then headed to Bubbles for our night of drinks and dancing. Turns out the bar had been rented out, so we ended up paying cover, but that was okay.

The night was… interesting. Very fun, and I had a blast with Alicia. But oh boy did we get paid a lot of attention. The second we sat down, drinks already in hand, we got free drinks on the house from the DJ. We sat down in another part of the bar and a very, very drunk guy sat down and started chatting with us about how tired he was, and how maybe he should go back to his hotel room as though we’d jump up and offer to take him there. The same guy who sat down later, not remembering he had already talked to us, and introduced himself again. He also tried cuddling up to me, and was quiet offended when I pulled away. We also made friends with some guys from the States who were working in town at the shipyard. And I got asked out to dinner and a movie by a seemingly nice guy, who when I explained I had a boyfriend, remarked “Well, then what are you doing here?!” annoyed. My reply: “Um, dancing with my friend?” Who knew that the only reason girls are allowed to go out for drinks with a friend, and dancing, is if they are single and ready to sleep with whatever guy walks up to them in the bar. I also got chatted up by a guy who apparently I went to school with, and we graduated the same year. He told me my face looked familiar and asked me if I went to Auburn.

All in all, we had a fun night. Sure, some of the moments were slightly unnerving, but we made some friends, got to dance (although not nearly enough as I hoped) and both made it home safe by one. It made me feel a little more grown up. Usually I’m scared of crowds, and I’ve never been good at making plans, but I survived both and managed to have a really good time with someone who I hope is becoming a good friend. It gives me hope that our shared birthday celebrations next weekend (a week from today to be exact) will just as much of a success. We’ll look fabulous, get to dance, and have two strong boyfriends to protect us from all the scary boys in the world. Until the next time we get dressed up all fabulous and have another girlie night of dancing.


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