But as you sleep… and noone is listening. I will lift you off your feet… I’ll keep you from sinking.

so 70s2

Violet and Claire floral blouse. Black high-waisted skirt. Navy blue Joe Fresh cardigan. Two pairs of Anne Taylor tights, layered. Not pictured: Black Steve Madden pointy toed flats.

I work a lot this week. In fact, I don’t have a day off. Between now and Saturday I work 32 hours. In fact I have to go in today and try and get off early on Saturday just so I can be able to make it to my birthday celebrations. I’m praying my manager agrees, otherwise I’m going to miss out on my own birthday celebration. And after buying a brand new dress for the occasion, I definitely do not want to miss out on my own birthday. And if 32 hours of work wasn’t stressful enough, with first aid on Thursday (my birthday, by the way) I feel like I’m coming down with the flu or something. I woke up this morning with a sore belly, what feels like the beginning of a migraine, and achy all over. The fact that I’m up, dressed, and trying to look as cute as possible is actually a miracle.

Now let’s just see if I make it through the next nine hours. But trust me when I say I’ll be coming home tonight and going straight to bed.


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