So happy birthday darling… watch those candles melt away. Not unlike those chandeliers at the bar where we both etched our names.


Day look: Bluenotes flared jeans. Black tank top from Winners. American Eagle teal t-shirt. Fuchsia caridgan from Frenchy’s. Assorted Claire’s necklaces.
Night look: Black tank top from Winners. American Apparel figure skater dress. Fuchsia cardigan from Frenchy’s. DKNY tattoo tights. Not pictured:   my fuzzy birthday tiara. Brand New Sitches studded boots, a birthday present from my parents.

I figured I would post both my birthday looks from yesterday. The first was my look as I took my first aid training for eight hours. I am now first aid qualified. The second look, my beloved figure skater dress (which, if you remember, I coveted for my birthday celebrations last year) which I wore out for dinner at the Wooden Monkey with my parents and Andrew. We had an amazing supper, let me tell you. My birthday just happened to fall on vegetarian Thursday so both Andrew and I participated, trying new foods, but of course not forgetting about our beloved vegan nachos (the horror!) I really dig the tattoo tights from DKNY which technically I bought because I saw how amazing they looked on Alicia. She, however, has the black ones so I opted for the opiate because they look more like tattoo designs on my legs.

Now, just for fun, some pictures from my birthday. Trust me when I say that these pictures really don’t capture how amazing my birthday was. And, I must say, if this is just the beginning of what 23 has in store, then I am ready and beyond excited. I really wasn’t looking forward to my birthday, in fact I was dreading it, and–as of yesterday–was not celebrating it. Mom even crossed out birthday on my cards and replaced it with: happy vegetarian Thursday! Did I mention how amazing of a family I have? And not just because they spoiled me terribly. Mostly because they understand my usual hatred and fear of my birthday.


My brand new studded boots from Sitches which I beyond adore. Oh, and my sugar free cinnamon dolce soy cappuccino that I bought after a long day of first aid training. It was comfort in a cup.


A matching belt. And, of course, a birthday tiara.


Free sample acquired through twitter from Ian’s Natural Foods. I can’t try them, not gluten-free, but my Mom and Andrew are both very excited to try them.


Posing with Mom before going out.


Posing with Dad before going out.


With Andrew, on the way to the restaurant.


Wooden Monkey vegan nachos which are beyond amazing. Even my Dad, a very meat and potatoes kind of guy (he had a meat lover’s pizza) really loved. Between the four of us, we completely decimated them in a very short amount of time.


What was left of my salad by the time I took a picture. Usually I don’t go for brown rice because it can be heavy but this salad was amazing, and flavorful, and zesty and light. I really, really, really liked it.


My version of birthday “cake”: soy vanilla white Russian. It was like a vanilla milkshake which just happened to be spiked, although you couldn’t taste either the vanilla vodka or Kahlua. It was amazing. Delicious. I could have drank six.


Back at Andrew’s, opening presents. My cereal, smuggled back from the US.


Reefer Madness! I totally didn’t think I was getting it for my birthday, or the soundtrack. But somehow Andrew managed to find it. Don’t ask me how the boy does it, but it somehow does.


I’m so spoiled. Seriously, it’s sickening. And I hate to brag but what was included in my birthday goodies: Reefer Madness and it’s accompanying soundtrack. Two boxes of my favorite Rice Chex cereal (all three from Andrew.). 17 Again because I loved it, and have been bragging about it forever. A leopard print travel coffee mug. Birthday bean. Reddish colored sweater dress. Deep maroon//purple gloves which reach elbow. Sleep mask which resembles Holly Golighty’s mask from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Cracker Jack travel case. In her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner. Great Hair magazine. And my birthday boots, of course. (From my parents.)


At Andrew’s getting ready to watch the newest episode of The Big Bang Theory.


Opening presents from my sister. She gave me an two comfy sweaters, a long black cardigan, and a purple snakeskin scarf which matches the gloves Mom gave me.


Also, she took a cellphone charm I bought at my store and transformed it into this awesome necklace for me. She’s a talented one, my sister.


Getting ready for bed after a long, long, amazing day. And yes, I’m wearing a Hooters shirt. What can I say, I like the irony.


And what is better than fuzzy orange slippers?

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  1. hi! im laila, 20 from ohio. I came across your blog a few months ago, and i like to read it here and there but ive never commented. but i would like to say happy birthday! looks like you had alot fun! i wish you a year of love, health, and happiness.

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