Pour a little sugar on it honey… pour a little sugar on it baby. I’m gonna make your life so sweet… yeah yeah yeah.


My very first gluten-free apple crisp ever.

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of my free time over at Andrew’s place. Most, because with working 30+ hours per week, I don’t see him nearly as much as I used to. And whenever I’m over at his place, I tend to feel very domestic. I’ve been cooking a lot more lately than I used to. We’ve made a gluten-free vegetarian pizza, and there were gluten-free stuffed mushrooms (which were fabulous!) and, as pictured above, a gluten-free apple crisp.

I don’t know why, but yesterday–as I was recovering from a bout of lost appetite due to the flu and a particularly bad fall on Andrew’s stairs–I had this total urge to bake something. Maybe it was the snowfall a couple days before, or the large bag of apples on Andrew’s counter or just the smell of fall in the air but I just had to bake. First I thought about cupcakes, or muffins, my usual fall back foods. Then I started thinking about this apple crisp my sister made not too long ago, and I just really wanted to bake one. I’ve never baked one before, and I haven’t eaten one in about six years, but I set out to Sobeys with Andrew for a spur of the moment apple crisp. Now there were no gluten-free oats or quinoa flakes at the store, however I had read online before we left about using corn flakes, so I picked up a box of Mensa Sunrise flakes, thinking they would work well, as well as The Gluten-free Pantry crisp and crumble topping mix. And as you can see from above, it turned out really well. Slightly sweeter then I thought it would be, but really good. Delicious in fact. Andrew was impressed, which made me smile a lot. Like maybe, someday, I might make a good little house wife. It also made me excited to bake more. And with Christmas coming up, I really want to try and make gingerbread men. My attempt last year was a pretty big failure, but after my apple crisp success I have all this baking confidence, like I could do anything.

I’m really enjoying my return to cooking.


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