Remember yesterday… walking hand in hand… love letters in the sand. I remember you.

I remember…

  • dial-up internet, an “innocent” Britney Spears, and when the Spice Girls were the coolest.
  • a time before sushi was my favorite food.
  • the thrill of holding hands, and first kisses.
  • the first time a boy ever held a door open for me, and how special it made me feel.
  • how daring it was to watch Sex and the City, and how shocking it all seemed.
  • a time when I felt both healthy and strong.
  • the excitement of wandering in the night, with best friends, laughing tipsily like we owned the night.
  • when my creativity flowed freely, and I couldn’t stop writing.
  • a time when I believed in the jolly man in the red suit.
  • when I kept my bedroom constantly clean and organized.
  • when falling snow made me excited rather than just cranky.
  • a time when I felt the need to get dressed up, and be someone inspired.
  • baking Christmas cookies, and eating far too many in one sitting.
  • when I had no idea what gluten was, or how it could hurt my body.
  • dancing in the grocery store isle over gluten-free cereal.
  • jolly rancher kisses under an explosion of fireworks.
  • a time before twitter, or facebook, or even the internet.
  • sleepovers, salt and vinegar chips, and staying up all night just laughing.
  • the dances to most S Club 7 songs, even after all these years.
  • the first time I said “I love you” and knew I meant it.
  • when life was all about Disney movies, and happily ever after.
  • the realization that real, deep, all consuming love was possible.

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