Trim the trees and wrap the presents… turn the Christmas music on. This Christmas I’ll be home with bells on.

Thursday, at Andrew’s apartment, we had early Christmas with Andrew, Andrew’s roommate Yuki and his girlfriend Alicia. We all wanted to exchange gifts with each other–okay, it might have been me and Alicia’s idea–but even still it was a way for us to have Christmas together, since we’d all be with our families on Christmas morning. So Thursday, after a busy day of doctors appointments (two!) and sushi (avacado roll is heaven) and last minute Christmas gifts, I packed up my presents for everyone and headed over to the apartment for Christmas dinner, Christmas movies, and Santa’s early visit.

The apartments cute little mini tree. I think some of the presents are bigger than the tree but it was perfect never-the-less.
Christmas Cheer.
Andrew in full chef mode.
Waiting on Christmas dinner.
While everyone else ate the turkey breasts Andrew cooked, I made my self three (Andrew got the extra) tofu stuffed portabello mushrooms with lactose free spicy gouda.

Carving the bird.
My veggie-happy plate, minus the amazing roasted potatoes Andrew cooked. Which is kind of sad because they were amazing and deserve to be in the spotlight.
Wine and conversation.
empty(ish) plates.
Yuki and Alicia.
Sugar-free candy canes.
The girls (and me in my Christmas pjs.)
Christmas morning.
Yes, that is a pink snuggie, and yes I absolutely love it. This was my Christmas gift from Yuki.
Alicia and Yuki expecting the $12 worth of sour candy that I bought him for Christmas.
It felt just like Christmas morning, right down to the floor being covered in wrapping paper.
The pillow cases Andrew’s parents gave us as a together gift. And I can’t wait until we share a bed we can put them on.

White Christmas!
Yours truly cooking gluten-free pancakes and, for the meat eaters, turkey Kielbasa sausage.
Andrew and I ended up buying each other the exact same Christmas card. You know you’ve been together a long time when you buy the exact same card from two different stores in two different malls on two different sides of the bridge. It was definitely a hilarious moment.
My Christmas present from Andrew: the key necklace I have been coveting and dreaming about for ages. It was such a nice (unexpected) surprise when I opened it up. It even matches the promise ring Andrew gave me for our first anniversary together.

All in all, my early Christmas was amazing and definitely knocked me–however slightly–out of the funk I’ve been in regarding Christmas. I saw “A Charlie Brown Christmas” for the first time ever and drank soy egg nog and tried to ignore the immense pain in my mouth from my wisdom tooth. I was so excited for everyone to open presents, and I loved everything that people were thoughtful enough to buy me.


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