Just dance… gonna be okay. (Da-doo-doo-doo) Just dance… spin that record babe. (Da-doo-doo-doo) Just dance

Brand new patterned Walmart Mini Dress. Textured black tights (from my Mom). Lightning Bolt necklace from Claire’s. Crystal Hoops from Claire’s. Not pictured: Pink mini purse. Black Slouchy boots.

It comes as a surprise to some people, but before last night I’d never been to a gay bar before.

This is especially surprising, apparently, considering my fabulous gay boyfriend. However for one of my best friend’s birthday last night I finally made it out to Reflections, the local gay bar. It was also marked my first time downtown since Andrew and I broke up. And it was awesome. I made friends with drag queens, got hit on by semi-cute boys, danced my size zero butt off and made it home by 2:30 safe and sound after a rescue from close friends. I didn’t get too crazy, didn’t spend too much money, and felt like maybe I’ll be okay. Sure, there may have been a drunk text–I really don’t remember and kind of regret sending–but whatever. It’s nice being able to get all pretty, and wear make-up without getting “shocked” comments on it and feeling silly.

Single life sucks, and I’m still so lonely, but with fabulous friends (and free gin and lime) sometimes you barely notice.


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