Feeling good now… don’t be afraid to get down. Say I don’t wanna be in love…. I don’t wanna be in love.

Lately, my posts have been completely depressing, and my attitude has been very woe-is-me. But I woke up this morning, after actually sleeping for five hours without any dreams of you-know-who, on the good side of the bed and just feeling happy about being alive in general. I’m not sure if it was delicious coffee before work, or what, but my attitude felt suddenly renewed. Who knows how long this high is going to last, but I’m not going to concentrate on that. I’m going to take this new found confidence, keep my pink-hair held high, and let myself just feel good fucking fantastic.

And there are exciting things coming this way, including a very fun-filled weekend. There will be beer pong, the pretty pink potion, and some fabulous people (and that is just Saturday night). My father is heading up to New Brunswick, and I thought there would be no better time to have over some friends. One of the hardest things through this whole thing is that I’ve felt torn over the mutual friends Andrew and I had. However, it’s been brought to my attention lately they’re not leaving me behind just because of the break up (and, honestly, part of me figured that I would lose them just because of the fact I met them because I was Andrew’s girlfriend). Therefore, I thought there was no better time for us to get together and party! It’s been a while since I threw a party, the summer I do believe, but I think I still remember how to do it. Music, beer pong and flip cup (which, I’ve never played), and some beyond fabulous friends. Could a girl ask for anything better? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Oh, and I don’t worry. There will be lots of pictures.


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