Last time I talked to you… you were lonely and out of place. You were looking down at me, lost out in space.

You know how they say “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger“?

That’s a good way to describe last night, and my first run in with them. Part of me knew it was bound to happen–we were at the same concert, and have the same mutual friends. I guess it was just shocking seeing them, his arms wrapped around her so easily. I lost my cool I’m-completely-okay composure so easily, bursting into tears in the middle of the concert. But thankfully, I have amazing friends (and, apparently, amazing friends-of-friends) who wrapped their arms around me, group hug style, and then wouldn’t let me shed another tear and made sure everyone saw me having a good time. And I managed to go back to the concert, and spend the rest of the night listening to one of my favorite bands without shedding another tear, except when “Somewhere Out There” came on because that is one of my favorite songs. The only other drama of the evening was almost passing out twice, when my blood sugar dropped. I may have not eaten all day, knowing I would probably see them. Yeah, sometimes I’m not so smart.

Part of me thought when I first saw them, I would just instantly kick their asses. But the truth is… as much as punching them both in the face would make me feel better, it’s not going to change anything. The only thing it will make me do is seem petty. I’d much rather be the better, stronger person. Now, if only it were as easily said as done.


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