Miss on her own… miss almost grown… miss never let a man help her off her throne.

Brand new strapless dots and stripes dress from Sirens. Layered black tights. Claire’s silver heart necklace. Claire’s black chunky ring. Not pictured: black peep toe wedges.

Here’s the thing: Miss. Independent I’m not. Especially when it comes to going out downtown. I’ve always been the kind of girl to wait around for a definite plan, and someone to tag along with. But as I go deeper and deeper into this journey on my own, I’m learning that waiting around usually just leads to nights alone. Sometimes, you just have to be willing to go all the way, by yourself. And that was what my Saturday night was a first for: my first time venturing downtown (to meet up with my friends) by myself. Originally I was supposed to go downtown to a couple bars with my sister, and her work friends, but at the last minute she had to cancel. And my friend invited me to join her at Pacifico for her birthday celebrations. But I’d have to make it over all by myself. I’m not going to lie, the whole me on my own thing still scares me. I’m just not used to it. But the more practice I get, the easier it is.

And, I got to wear one of my two brand new dresses which was just an obvious scream for a much needed fashion post. Surprisingly, it hasn’t been all black for me. Even though I’m not posting, I’m trying to put all of me into what I wear no matter the occasion. And this dress… yes, it’s short. And it’s frilly. And it makes me feel awesome. Like a sixties cover girl. And hello! Look how long my hair is getting? Isn’t that awesome. I think so.


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