With forces of darkness abound… the demons and vamps always come around. But when they rise up in the night… the Slayer will come… the Slayer will fight.

Floral Lace Sundress. Black knitted cardigan. Pink Beaded Choker and Moon and star necklace (both from Claire’s). Not pictured: Black and cork wedges.

I’ve been watching a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer lately. I’m rewatching the entire series, seasons 1-7 (which, I finally collected all of as of this Christmas.) Whenever I watch Buffy, I instantly am inspired by her style, just as I did when I was 13, and find myself longing for warm Southern Californian days. It may be spring, and there may be hints that summer is on it’s way, but the days can still have a chill in the air. Never-the-less I decided to brave any chill and let my inner Buffy come out. The look is subtle, and I doubt anyone else would think “Wow, she’s totally copying Buffy!” but to me, this is her to me. I realize that I’m totally putting my inner nerd out there for the world to see, but oh well. I am who I am.

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