A very merry unbirthday to you, to you… To me? To you. A very merry unbirthday.. For me? For you. Now blow the candle out my dear, and make your wish come true. A merry merry unbirthday to you!

You know, when I turned 23 last year, I honestly believed that this year held amazing things for me. And I can say without a doubt that 23 has been one of my most challenging years. My break up with Andrew, my loss of friendships and trust, the death of my grandmother (and the accident my grandfather had right after), and discovering who I am now, on my own, have all tested me in ways I never thought possible, or really wanted to know. However, life must go on, people change, and you keep growing up.

Today marks my half birthday–I am officially 23 and a half years old (It’s also the anniversary of the Titanic sinking just incase you were curious). And with this year half over, looking back over the winter I’ve just come out of, I can only imagine that this summer will be full of new memories in the making. It’s been a long time since I’ve had one of those summers, the kind of summers I had at eighteen when the whole world seemed open in front of me. The kind of nights where you lay out under the stars, tipsy from a bottle of wine, and walk around like you own the streets. And I plan on making this summer the best summer of my life (so far, at least). I let myself fall into a funk after the break up, but I’m ready to throw myself back into life full force. I’ve finally returned to vegan Thursdays, and will be starting meatless Mondays. My room is clean, and organized. And I plan on getting into a regular writing schedule going, as well as starting to exercise again. All little things, but aspects of my life I’ve let slip aside because of my sadness. And I’m ready to get back to my life, and make it everything I’ve wanted it to be and more.

This summer holds amazing things for me. Just watch and see.


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  1. Happy unbirthday lol! I’ll be 27 in 6 months, and every year feels like they go by faster than the last. Do everything you can to enjoy every day.

    Funks suck, but eventually you can pull yourself out if it! I hope this summer is everything you hope it is!

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