Oh dancing with myself… oh dancing with myself. Well there’s nothing to lose… and there’s nothing to prove. I’ll be dancing with myself.

I just want to thank everyone who left feedback on my last post.

The truth is, I pretty much know it’s not the greatest idea. And I wouldn’t even call it friendship right now. Basically, he texted me (out of the blue, about something completely random) from BC last week and we’ve texted back and forth, off and on, since then. Half the time he brings up stuff from the past, and other times it’s just random stuff he thinks I would want to know (like some Buffy thing on Twitter). But I know that we probably shouldn’t be talking. As everyone around me has told me: if the only reason he feels okay texting me is because he’s in another province, away from her, it just means he’s lonely, not that he wants to be friends.

Everyone tells me the best thing to ever happen to me was for him to break up with me. Not that they didn’t like him, but it made me grow so much as a person in the last 3 months. I’m confident. I’m happy. I glow. And that’s what I should be working towards, still. It’s just so hard when the talking thing comes so easy. But the confusion… I don’t want to deal with the confusion. I don’t want to take four steps back.

Thanks everyone for the good amazing advice. I’m going to try my best to heed it.


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