She wants a good time… No need to rewind. She needs to really really find what she wants… she lands on both feet… won’t take a back seat. There’s a brave new girl.

It’s kind of funny if you compare pictures of me from only a year ago (or, even six months ago) to pictures from today. In a lot of ways, I look like a completely different person. My hair is longer, and a different color. I have a nose ring. But more than that, I think I look like I feel happier, and I definitely look more confident. The more time the passes, the pinker my hair gets, the more I settle into who I am, the more and more confident I feel about whatever the future holds. It’s weird sometimes. It’s not like I’ve completely changed who I was in a year, or even denied who I was, but I think I just feel more comfortable with myself, and all the little details about myself who make me who I am.

I’m a little totally weird. I have debates in my head over whether I should buy Batman comics or Floral H&M dresses. I’m absolutely in love with Jim Parsons. I haven’t listened to current radio in six months, and couldn’t tell you who half the bands popular on the radio are. I still know pretty much all the S Club 7 dances. I make a mean pan of vegan nachos. I have a tendency to get a little tipsy and kiss cute boys. I have a thing for skulls and cross bones, birds, Hello Kitty, and Batman. One glass of white wine, and I’m the life of the party. Sometimes I forgive way too easily. I can’t help but swoon for a cute guy in glasses. I dance in the middle of grocery stores, regardless of who is watching. I have a knack for attracting gay men.

And I think pink hair makes everything better.


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  1. Loooooove the hair! Absolutely love it! Gorgeous! And getting a little tipsy and kissing cute boys is fun!! one of the million reasons why I love you and miss you so much! Did i mention I love the hair?!

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