And summer… where all you hope for is another. And summer, and summer… where night belongs to lust and lovers. And summer, and summer… and I am here to win you over.

There is nothing better, and more wonderful, then a morning of sunshine, iced tea, ducks, and fresh salsa. Simple, sweet, and oh-so-perfect.

Maybe life isn’t all that exciting lately, a whirlwind, but it’s comfortable. I’m finally settling into a regular routine with friends, and work, and life in general. Sure, I’m not having as many “lost weekends” as I used to, but maybe that’s a good thing. Life is finally going on normally. The summer is coming quickly, days getting warmer, and I’m absolutely loving it. Is there anything more exciting then a summer about to unfold out in front of you? The truth is–it could hold anything. A million and one adventures.  And a million and one pictures. Friends, drinks, nights at the lack, one too many games of strip poker. Who really knows what this new life holds for me this summer. All I know is that I’m ready for whatever comes next.


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