I watch you spin around in your highest heels… you are the best one, of the best ones. We all look like we feel… you have stolen my… you have stolen my… you have stolen my heart.

Myself and my baby sister… the bride to be!

It’s no surprise to anyone that this year has not been kind to my family. There have certainly been some personal tragedies which have put a black cloud over 2010. But it gives me great pleasure to finally have something extremely happy to report on this blog of mine. On August 28th, 2010 (aka. three months from now) my baby sister will officially become a married woman to the one she loves. It’s kind of crazy, as we thought they were planning on June of next year, but that doesn’t mean I’m not extremely excited for the two of them. While some boys have proven how much they’re not worth it this year, it’s nice to know that there are still nice, loving, boys out there and I seriously can’t wait for my brother-in-law to officially become part of the family. Not to mention the next three months will be filled with dress shopping, and wedding plans, and parties (wine!) and pictures and planning for probably the most exciting moments of the summer.

And, being the maid of honor, it’s my privilege to plan the bachelorette party. And you have no idea just how much of a time the next couple months will be. Expect many a wedding talk, and some amazingly drunken pictures.

You would think with the couple months I’ve had (and continue to have to deal with) the last thing I would be excited about would be a wedding. But seeing them together, and watching them plan on forever, it makes me believe that maybe–someday far off–I might find a boy to love again too.


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  1. Congrats! Hey if you’re looking for strippers check out 1800strippers.com (no lie). I used them for my sisters bachelorette party, and the dude was smoking! Really friendly too.

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