So cradle your head in your hands, And breathe… just breathe. Oh breathe, just breathe.

Relax and stand in the warmth of the sand
the day is long
and here for us to take for granted.
We find ourselves to our knees
Water clear, a tender breeze upon our faces
as we bask in our good graces
Yeah, we all are golden here.

Sometimes, words escape me. And sometimes, I’m just too busy creating the imaginary world inside of my head to find the right words for my own (real) world. It finally feels like summer, and it makes me giddy to be writing and relaxing. So what if I’m getting lost in my own version of Wonderland (minus the scary queen and mad hatter… and okay, all those talking animals.) But sometimes it just feels nice to be able to sit back, without drama, and breathe. It feels like ages since I’ve been able to let my guard down, and now that I finally feel safe, I’m soaking it in for as long as possible. Summer, and new beginnings, and writing, and romance. There is so much more to come.


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