Maybe life is a song, but you’re scared to sing along until the very ending.

I know I’ve written before that true-life events often inspire the stories I write (I think my most recent stories, post break-up, have been the best evidence of that) but sometimes I take only a sliver of a real-life event and create something different from it, and another story is born. I started writing this story a couple weeks back, but when things got really complicated I kind of lost my train of thought.Thankfully, I managed to get my creativity back, and find the ending to my story.

What is it? I’m not exactly sure. But that’s what makes so writing so beautiful: you create something and can help but wonder “what the hell is that?” (in a good way, of course.) Now you may not think that it has an ending, but I like leaving my stories open–because life is never set and solid. Rather, it’s always unfolding, and changing, in unexpected ways. And I like my stories to reflect that.

“The Easy Choice”

written by Shannon White, June 2010.


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