When you’re on a golden sea, you don’t need no memory… just a place to call your own.

Every writer has her inspiration–a muse of sorts. And this writer is no different.

The town of Dalhousie, where my grandparents lived and where I used to visit every summer, became one of my muses when I was about 15. Up there, visiting like I did every summer, I started writing a horror story and needed to name the town. Basing it on Dalhousie already, I wanted something to name is and came up with the name Dalkery (don’t ask me how, I don’t remember). And soon, every story I started writing seemed to take place in this small town. With every story I told, it grew. What started with a small farm house looking over the bay turned into a growing and blossoming town with a high school, an indoor pool, park, famous family restaurant and coffee shop. Now, at 23, I could draw you a map if you asked me too. I know this town, and the people that live there, better than my own.

Going up to Dalhousie for my grandmother’s funeral, I had an idea: I wanted to document the town that inspired my stories. This place means the world to me, and someday I can only dream I’ll be able to escape up here every summer to pen another novel. Until those days come, I have my favorite memories of summer’s spent, and a walking tour of Dalhousie (aka. Dalkery). This probably doesn’t mean much to you as it does to me, after all it’s my town, but on the off chance you’ve spent even five minutes in the town of Dalkery thanks to one of my stories, maybe you’ll recognize some of the landmarks.

View of the “Price” farm featured in Strawberry Wine

Garden and beach which both played prominent roles in Strawberry Wine

Gavin’s rustic farm house from The Long Road.

The Main Street of Dalkery which features such locations as The Addison Family restaurant (from Nameless), the park Amanda hides (from Strawberry Wine), and where Kennedy runs into Josh (from The Easy Choice) and The Daily Bean which Wren waits outside for Luke (from Already Gone)

The Hospital (featured in both Perfect and uncrowned).

The Ice Cream Shack where Trent worked in The Long Road)

The local pool (which can be seen in Mr. Rich and Famous)

The Gas station that Bailey breaks down by in Nameless.

And the apartment building which play a prominent roll in my newest story, a work in progress (it’s also the apartment building Luke and Eli live in from Already Gone).

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