They call me Superman… I’m here to rescue you.

Graphic Superman t-shirt. Skinny black skirt from Sirens. Layered black tights. Assorted rings. Not pictured: Purple cardigan. Black ankle boots.

I have a surprising amount of superhero t-shirts. However, my collection is not even near complete. The ones currently adoring my wish list are the “I only date superheros t-shirt“, a Flash t-shirt, and a Green Lantern t-shirt. Thankfully however, I can pull of wearing this t-shirt to work without looking too casual. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say I felt pretty damn sassy in my ensemble today. And even better, it caught the eye of the cute guy who works across the hall from me. It was all the shirt–I know it.

((By the way, that Superheroes website is absolutely amazing. I seriously want everything there, including the Green Lantern power ring and the Bat symbol ring and the Wonder Woman cami and panty set and pretty much everything else listed. Also, the Wonder Woman costume since I’ve already decided–yes, 4 months ahead of schedule–that I’m being Wonder Woman for Halloween.))


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