‘Cause I’m an adult now… I’m an adult now. I’ve got the problems of an adult on my head and on my shoulders… I’m an adult now.

Less than a month, and my baby sister is getting married. In about five months, my baby sister is having a baby of her own.

It’s kind of scary how easily the real world can waltz right up to you, and punch you in the face. You see, I never really think about how quickly I’m growing up, or the world is changing, until moments like this. I’m very much trying to be a live in the now kind of girl, and not worry about the little details. Then all of the sudden, there are babies and brides and it suddenly hits me: I’m growing up. I’m an adult. I’m going to be an aunt. And I can’t help but feel a little lot overwhelmed.

I don’t think it hit me, really hit me, that this was happening until Tuesday when I saw my sister in her wedding dress for the first time. She looked so grown up, so healthy and beautiful, and I felt like bursting into tears. I feel like bursting into tears now. This is my little sister, and here she is on the verge of one of the most important days of her life. And she just glows.

You’ll probably remember, I had serious concerns when I found out my sister was pregnant. In fact, the two of us didn’t speak for weeks because of it. But in the last two months, she’s proved how seriously she’s taking her own health, and the health of my future niece/nephew. Part of it has to do with a friend of her who also suffers from an eating disorder, and is literally wasting away, and part of it is I think she has finally grown to see how important her health is. She’s even agreed that she’s seeing someone to talk to during, and after her pregnancy. It has actually been amazing to see this healthy shift in my sister for the first time since she was fifteen. It’s one of the reasons I’ve found myself more excited for the next couple months. I’m no longer scared for my sister, or losing her.

This year, 2010, without a doubt has been the year of change. Breakups, deaths, weddings, babies–it’s all happened. Part of me is scared of what the next five months holds. Part of me is excited for what the next five months holds. But, like I have in the last six months, all I can do is look to today, and not concentrate on what might happen tomorrow. Because I have no doubt, life will have many more twists and turns to come.


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