And girls they want to have fun… oh girls just want to have fun.

This past weekend, we threw my sister her bacherlotte party. Now, being that she is 17 weeks pregnant, we couldn’t exactly have a free for all get drunk fest. We weren’t even sure she’d want to stay out that late, so we decided to surprise her with a hotel room, just in case she wanted to head home by midnight. But the night was too much fun for her to want to turn in early, and we didn’t end up crawling back to the hotel until past 3:30am, and continued to party for another hour before finally crashing. Unfortunately I don’t yet have any of the pictures from inside the club we went to, or the evidence of our scavenger hunt, but I do have before and afters, which show just some of the shanagins that we got up to. So here is the bacherotte party: part one.

3/4 Bridesmaids getting the hotel room ready.

Pretty in pink.

The theme of the evening was apparently “knocked-up” haha.

Non-alcoholic shots.

Getting the Bride all prettied up.

Our fabulous (last minute) t-shirts.

Dance parties are a must.

This was after we came back. Haha. These t-shirts are keepers.

And the much needed midnight munchies.

There was apparently a party in the closet.

Looks like the bride has had too much (non-alcoholic) wine.


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