And isn’t she pretty in pink..

Pink Le Chateau blouse. White Wal-mart tank top. Dark Gray skinny dress pants. Assorted jewelry: silly bands, large silver hoops, Hello Kitty pink plastic ring, pink jeweled flower hairclip. Not pictured: Black slide sandals. Black Cardigan.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have an extremely emotional connection to clothing. When it comes to clothing, some things I hold onto just because of the memories attached. This particular shirt was bought when I was in the 11th grade during an awesome sale at Le Chateau for $5. While it’s a bit bigger on me now then it was then, it is still one of those shirts I absolutely adore. It’s funny too, because I can’t wear it without thinking about all the memories attached–which, given that I’ve owned it for seven years are quite a few. I still remember wearing it for my first Valentine’s Day with you know who. You would think that it would be painful to wear this, and have those days come flashing back, but it’s not.

Once in a while, a stroll down memory lane isn’t so bad. Especially when you feel so pretty.


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