Oh no, here comes that sun again… that means another day without you my friend.

The saying goes: “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” Well, if that’s true, then my family must have the strength of the entire Justice League because yet again, we’re facing more tragedy.

Saturday (yes, my sister’s wedding day) my Uncle–my Mom’s only brother–passed away. The thing was, we knew it was coming. I’ve known it was coming since I was just a kid. My Uncle has always been sick, since he was just a child. In fact, my grandmother was told he wasn’t supposed to live past the age of 25. But even still, knowing these things, and watching him slowly get sicker and sicker, none of us were prepared for this. Because even though we always knew “someday” we’d lose him, I don’t think any of us actually believed that someday would come. It was one of those far off places, like Never-neverland. It just wasn’t real.

And worst of all, it came on a day of incredible joy. My sister looked beautiful, and happy. She was glowing. And while in those moments as we watched Krista–the baby–get married to the man she loves, I think those of us in my family all knew that… that the bad news was coming. We didn’t find out until after the pictures, in between the ceremony and the dance. Mom thought about waiting to tell us, but she knew she had to. But thankfully we were surrounded by people who love us, and somehow we managed to go on, making Krista’s reception and dance as filled we happiness and joy as we possibly could. And it was incredible. Okay, so maybe sharing sips from the Best Man’s flask of tequila helped a lot, but we survived. Just like we’re surviving now. We sang karaoke, and we danced, and I ended up catching the bouquet!

I’m not sure where we go from here. I can only hope that something good comes soon. I’m so tired of tragedy, of crying. I’m ready for something beautiful to happen.

Rest in peace Uncle Reid. You really were one in a million, and I’ll miss you more than words will ever explain.


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