And as the summer’s ending… the cool air will rush your hard heart away.

Black Danier sweater. White Tank top. Blue and green plaid pleated skirt. Claires’s black thigh high socked. Not pictured: studded boots (from my birthday last year).

This work outfit is actually from a couple weeks back, but it’s a perfect example of my kind of autumn outfit. And since today (or rather, tomorrow just after midnight) is the first official day of Fall, what better time to show it off.

I love the autumn seasons for many reasons: A month of birthdays, Halloween, cozy oversized sweaters, over the knee socks, and many pairs of boots. It’s always been my favorite season for fashion, even though when I was school I usually found myself in my usual jeans and a t-shirt uniform. But for some reason, lately, I find myself in love with skirts and tights/over the knee socks.

Of course fall holds more than just fashion trends that I adore–there is also the change of color in the leaves, and that chill in the breeze that is the perfect excuse for cuddling. I know they say that spring is typically the season for falling in love, but for me fall has always been the time of year I’ve found myself surrounded by romance. And with a new boy in the picture (more on that later, I promise), I can only imagine there may be some cuddling on the horizon for yours truly. And I know the perfect outfit to do it in.


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  1. I agree with you- fall is the perfect time for a new romance! And congrats about the new boy. As someone who stumbled upon your blog quite randomly a long time ago and has been reading it ever sense, I know you really deserve it.

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