There’s a ghost in your old bedroom… and a candle burning bright.

Lately I find I’m slipping away from my writing.

Instead of telling stories worth telling–or revealing anything personal at all, really–I rely on photographs without the who story. It seems easier sometimes; flashes of moments, never the whole story. But the thing is, I miss writing, and I miss being able to talk openly and freely. It’s not like there is anything holding me back. And so I’ve decided I’m going to make it my mission to write more–more openly, more freely, more often. The truth is, a lot has been going on and yet I haven’t even begun to write about it. Boys, and work, and life changing in general. Maybe it’s the reason my anxiety levels have been skyrocketing lately. I’ve turned my back on what was once my greatest therapy.

And so, I’m making a pledge (to myself) to make sure I write the truth more often. Because my head is full of thoughts, and it’s about time I stopped keeping them hidden.


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