Another year, you’ll all be here… falling in love and watching sunsets and sunrises.

I thought with the month (and the year) coming so quickly to an end, it was a good time to look back on the roller coaster that has been the last year and recap on what I’ve learned through all the trail and tribulations. I’m not saying these are any big discoveries, just certain things I’ve collected. And so, in no particular order….

Life Lessons of 2010

  • People change. Sometimes they grow up and mature, and sometimes they revert to childish assholes with no sense of common decency. Unfortunately there is no way around it–it’s just one of those things that happen.
  • And, while were on the subject: breaking up sucks. But the thing is, I’ve come to discover breaking up doesn’t suck half as much as staying in a relationship that isn’t right. And sometimes, you really don’t realize how un-right things were until they’re over.
  • You have to be true to who you are. If I’ve discovered anything this year, it’s the fact that for a long time I wasn’t true to who I was and I just let myself be someones “perfect” girlfriend. And yes, I’m a lushy pink hair awkward girl who gets entirely too flirty after a glass of wine and loves Batman way to much, but that’s who I am. And I love that girl. She’s silly, and she’s fun, and I like her.
  • Sometimes the most random beginnings of friendships make for the best of friendships.Laura and I bonded over shared heartbreak and Starbucks coffee and it’s brought us closer than ever. I honestly couldn’t imagine her not in my life. She understands the bad days, and helps celebrate the good and that’s why I adore her.

  • Sometimes you also have to  let go of certain friendships you’re holding onto. While I’ll always love and cherish my childhood friendships, and I know they’ll always have my back if I need them, I do find myself moving forward towards other friendships.
  • Being single is fun.
  • But being single can also really, really suck.
  • 7 shots of tequila in 2 hours: always a bad idea. Also a bad idea is telling people it’s your 19th birthday when celebrating your birthday downtown. It leads to far too many drinks, a run in with the police, and a wicked hangover the next day.
  • Pink hair makes everything better (and more fun).
  • Seeing your favorite band live, only mere feet away from you, is quite possibly the most amazing thing that can ever happy to you. And trust me, no matter how many times you imagine it, the real thing is always better.
  • New crushes can be one of the most amazing feelings in the world. Especially when you spend a whole night dancing together. And the open possibility of anything happening: that feels even better (and a little bit scary).
  • Life can change in an instant. You can lose the people you love most, without getting to say goodbye, or find your life on a completely new path. But I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and that what doesn’t kill really does make you stronger. Sometimes it’s hard, and it’s almost always unfair, learning to roll with the punches, but in the end you learn how strong your really are. And that can only prepare you more for whatever comes next.

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