So tell me how’d we end up here… we all want to feel something, even if it’s only for a moment.

As the year comes to a close, and I look back on the memorable moments, I can’t let it end without remembering probably the one of the most amazing nights of my life. At sixteen, I never imagined seeing the Ataris live, but not only did it happen, I actually had the chance to chat and laugh and joke with the guys in the band. There are certain nights meant to remember, and this without a doubt will stand out in my mind forever. Or, at the very least, until they come back around again for a second tour of Halifax. (and maybe this time I can actually get a picture with Kris Roe as I was too timid to ask this time.)

And fyi, there is no zooming involved for these pictures. We were at the front of the stage, just off to the side. And close enough to steal one of the dropped guitar picks when no one was looking.

I adore how close we were all evening, all while escaping being crushed by the moshing crowd. (I made sure to protect my sister and baby-to-be.) A cute fact: the baby kicked extra hard all evening. I guess she is an Ataris fan already. I know this kid was related to me.

The best, most decadent vegan chocolate tofu pie you could ever hope to try. (Minus, of course, the whipped cream which was all my sister’s to enjoy.) Not pictured was my amazing gluten-free vegan pizza.

Yours truly, already excited, and my gluten-free red ale that went excellently with vegan pizza and pie.

My little sister’s attempt at an old school Myspace picture. Edited out the huge baby boobs.


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