Tonight I’m not the same girl (same girl).

2010: The girl in pictures.

A lot has happened this year, and there is no denying I could go on and on and on about everything that’s happened–a whole lot of ups and downs. But sometimes I think pictures tell the story better, and so… my year, and life, in photographs. And so here it is, the last 364 days in photographs. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: I really almost don’t recognize the girl I was a year ago. And that can only make me excited for the girl waiting for me to find her in 2011.

(I could tell the stories behind each one of these photographs, but it’s most fun letting them speak for themselves to be honest. Sometimes I can be such a camera whore. Haha.)
























2 responses

  1. this was fun to look through!

    i have a few things to mention…

    1. that brown jacket you’re wearing at the show in the pictures from march is AWESOME and looks amazing on you.
    2. i LOVE that in every picture you’re either surounded by friends, or family… and regardless you look like you’re having a blast.
    3. the extensions you put in for your halloween costume are super flattering on you.
    4. the picture of you in the santa hat this december = SO CUTE!
    5. i can’t tell (because it’s straight) if your hair has gotten insanely long by december, or if your extensions are still in. either way it looks great.

    happy 2011- can’t wait to see what the new year has waiting for you :)

    • Thanks hun. Actually, my hair has grown a tremendous amount since the beginning of the year. (The December pictures = all my hair!) Of course, I love throwing in my extensions every so often for fun. Happy New Year! <3

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