May the past keep a warm spot in your heart, may the future hold more joy than pain… hands in the air waiting for confetti to rain.

There are always two ways you can look back on a year–either you can concentrate on the bad things that happened (which, okay… I’ve done somewhat), or you can concentrate on the good. Now while it would be very easy to look back on the drama and the things I didn’t accomplish from my list at the beginning of the year, I’ll pass. Instead, I’ll point out the awesome things that 2010 brought. After all, it couldn’t all be bad.

  • I got my first (and second) tattoo!
  • I got my nose pierced, something I’ve wanted to do for a long while.
  • I discovered how awesome karaoke is. And freed my inner diva.
  • I experienced my first real, true broken heart. And I survived it. In fact, I flourished.
  • I finally found the sassy girl I’d been hiding all along, thanks (in large part) to bright pink hair.
  • I discovered I can handle myself in a crisis, instead of hiding and cowering.
  • I returned to writing fiction after far-too long of a hiatus.
  • I learned to be more open. And try and trust people. (I’m still working on this one…)
  • It finally occurred to me that I have real, true and not to mention awesome friends.
  • I got a puppy!
  • I saw not one but two of my favorite bands in concert. (And I did it on my own, without needing a boy in the picture.)
  • I learned to play beer pong, and discovered I’m not half bad at it.
  • I finally learned about the ups and downs of dating (which I had never experienced before) and learned that it’s not always roses and rainbows.
  • I got in touch with my boy crazy side…
  • …And I found out that there is life after love with my first real I-could-date-you-oh-please-kiss-me“like” of someone since I was seventeen.

So what does 2011 hold for me? A little niece or nephew (exciting), the potential for new relationship (terrifying), a new job (much needed), and hopefully another 1001 stories to be told. There is so much coming, and I can feel it already, the excitement buzzing around me. But whatever 2011 throws at me, this past 365 days has proven just how much I can handle.

Happy New Year.


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