So take these words and sing out loud… ’cause everyone is forgiven now… ’cause tonight’s the night the world begins again.

I’ve been bouncing back and forth on my thoughts about 2011. The truth is, I’ve always made a list of resolutions at the beginning of the year, as long as I can remember, but–if last year was any indication–life tends to throw me off course so I don’t end up accomplishing them. But the thing is, even if I don’t accomplish a single thing on my list, it’s always interesting to look back and see where I was at the beginning of the year. My starting point.

My resolutions for 2011.

  • Start taking better care of myself. If one thing has dragged me down, it’s the fact that I haven’t felt 100% healthy in longer than I can remember. I’m constantly feeling sick, run down, or under the weather. I’m not sure where this one starts, but I know it’s probably the most important.
  • Eat healthier. This kind of goes hand in hand with the above. While I tend to eat fairly healthy foods, I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon a bit this year. (Candy is not my friend, and yet… I have a sweet tooth.) But it’s not just about avoiding the just. It’s about finding balance completely within my already complicated diet.
  • Find direction (and purpose). Okay, this one is kind of vague, but what I found about 2010 is a lot of the time I walked around not knowing what exactly I was doing, or what I wanted. I let my break up take control of me and leave me feeling like losing myself sometimes. This year, I really want to be able to know what I want, and get there. A new job, a new relationship — purpose in general.
  • Write more. Nothing unusual there. Writing is my life, it always has been, but I really need to make it more of a priority sometimes. The stories are there, just waiting to be told… all I need to do is find the words to tell them. I would really like to finish writing another novel before this year is over.
  • Do things that scare me. I know this seems kind of silly, but I want to test myself. The truth is, I already know that I’m a strong person and can handle some pretty stressful situations. But now is the time to have fun with that strength. 2010 saw me conquering some fear (singing in public, for one) and now it’s time to see what else I can do.

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