The worst is over… you can have the best of me.

Last year, I went pink because I was in a desperate need of a change. After everything that happened, I wanted something new and different. I wanted not to be any bit the girl that got dumped. Pink was my alter-ego, and I love it. But one again, it was time for a change and that change was a deep, dark purple. It’s subtle. It’s gorgeous. And I no longer look  12 (and you can’t lie… I totally did!) Even with bangs, I feel more grown up, more ready for the future. I’ve been in such a state of pause it’s almost saddening. And pink was definitely a security blanket for me, something that forced me to stand out without trying. But big changes–new hair–can only mean big changes in other aspects. It’s time I learned to stand out on my own. I’ve always been a firm believer that what you put out there, you’re bound to get back. Well, I’m ready for good, amazing things… so bring it on world!


I have a feeling it’s going to be an interesting fantastic couple of months.


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